Pablo Fusco Reel


Pablo Fusco, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an art director, designer, photographer, and TV filmmaker. 
But more than anything else, he’s a communicator.
Pablo’s deep love for the audiovisual language and his profound capacity to remain curious allows him to stay
in tune with any stimulus that could enrich whatever project he gets his hands on. He devotes his work to the transformation from the common to the extraordinary by telling stories and by enhancing the creative vibe through good humor. Pablo started as an art director at Young & Rubicam, Vegaolmosponce and Agulla & Baccetti.
His career extends through Latin America, US and Europe, producing some of the most memorable TV ads for clients such as Unilever, Ambev, Telefonica, Telecom, Coca Cola, Chevrolet, Ford, Pepsi, Direc TV, Nestle, Cepas, Nike, Volkswagen, Diesel, Arcor, P&G, McDonald’s, Cadbury, Terra, Mastercard, Heinz, among others.
Pablo has been honored with Clio Awards, Cannes, FIAP, Circulo de Creativos Argentino, Circulo de Creativos Chileno, Circulo de Creativos Mexicano, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Effie Awards, Festival el Sol, and Premios Clarín.

Gonzo Llorente Reel


Listen, visualize, propose. 100% professional, 0% poser. He has the craft and skills. Born in Buenos Aires, and launched his directorial career in 2007. Gonzo stormed into the Argentinean advertising world, worked with a wide range of creative directors, ad agencies and brands, positioned himself not only as an international award-winning filmmaker, but as a director who delivers excellent results for the ad industry.  Soon his success brought him to the international scene, and now Gonzo serves several markets in Latin America, US and Europe.

Martín Donozo Reel


In 2006, Martin Donozo graduated at CIC in Argentina. While at school, he shot several short films, including an international award winner named “The Photographer.”
Aside from the experimental films, Martin began working professionally for the Argentinean and international advertising industry.
Focus on the narrative style, Martin pays close attention to the core of each concept, enhancing both the genre style as well as aesthetically. His work centers mostly on storytelling, humor and actor’s performance. Martin has shot for top brands in many categories, such as telecommunication, sports, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, public interest and automobile industry.
In 2018, Martin has been awarded at Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, Isaac Awards, El Ojo and FIAP. On the same year, Martin was recognized as the second best director at El Ojo de Iberoamérica. In 2019, he was honored with the Lápiz de Platino for best digital commercial for Movistar “Perspectives,” which also won other international awards such as The One Show, NY Festivals, ADC, Epica, Echo, and included by Shots as one of the 100 best commercials in 2018.

Beatriz Sanchís Reel


Pregnant women have strange cravings, my mother’s was watching a double film session religiously every day of those nine months. From that moment, telling stories has been my way of seeing and unraveling the world. First, a stop motion video clip with clicks of playmovil when I was seventeen, I spent moving little arms of clicks for two months and I guess I understood that my vocation was strong. Since then I have not stopped, video art, short films, video clips, advertising and a film “Everyone is dead” and another in preparation “Where the Summer went”. I have presented my work at festivals like Berlin and Cannes and I was twice nominated for the Goya awards, the first for Best Short Documentary and the second for Novel Direction. My work gathers more than 70 national and international awards and recognitions and thanks to the fact that I have not done so badly, I can continue doing what I like the most in the world; filming.


Axel Elizondo Reel


Axel Elizondo nació en Necochea, Argentina en el año 1983.
Inicio sus estudios en la UBA ( Diseño de Imagen y Sonido), en la cual fue docente adjunto en las materias sonido y montaje.
Sus primeros trabajos fueron de composición y realización musical en Cortometrajes y Cine publicitario.
La experiencia en publicidad comienza hace varios años en el área de montaje y Animación.
Paralelamente comienza su carrera en Dirección, asistiendo a directores en diversos comerciales.
Como director inicia filmando videoclips y Ficción, realizando así su primer serie llamada “El Vagoneta”, la cual en solo tres meses logro más de 1 millón de visitas, siendo la miniserie mas vista en internet. El vagoneta se vendió a Movistar y Nokia y ya filmó su segunda temporada con celebritys como Ricardo Darin y Fernando Gago, entre otros.
Es un director que se especializa en el área de Acting, montaje y Musicalización.
Sus comerciales más recientes fueron para JEEP, BIMBO, SONY, PEUGEOT, ADIDAS y REEF.



My friends and close family call me Sava, so please do.

I have always been attracted to geometry and art. This led to studying graphic design and photography in Mexico, wanting to become an art director. But Cinema then won a place in my heart. A move to Los Angeles to study Film production quickly followed and my career started in music videos which in turn led to Advertising.   

As a commercial Director, even though I started directing car brands like Nissan and Chevrolet, my professional life took a turn to football after directing The Mexico National Museum of football welcoming video.  This allowed me to work for Samsung and the main football players from Mexico´s National team such as Rafa Márquez and players from Arsenal, Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers, to shooting the Oreedo’s Emiri Football Cup spot.  

Other brands that I have worked with are: Tequila Herradura, Mastercard, Renault Bank, Thinkful, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Dominos Pizza, Palacio de Hierro, Nokia, Heineken, XX beer, etc.

Sava is a multi-Award winning Director from Mexico who now lives in Spain.

Daniel Rosenfeld Reel


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Daniel Rosenfeld wanted to be a pianist, but as time passed, he realized making films was his true calling. Daniel’s first film “Saluzzi – Ensayo para Bandoneón y Tres Hermanos”, had a world premier at the Berlin Film Festival, the San Sebastian Film Festival and the opening night at the New York Film Festival. His second feature film “La Quimera de los Heroes” was honored with the New Director Award, a Certain Regard by the Jury at the Venice Film Festival, and also the Audience Award at Belfort (France). The film also had a Special Mention at the Buenos Aires Film Festival. Daniel’s most recent movie, “Cornelia frente al espejo” won an award at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Daniel embraces a natural storytelling narrative, a style he masterfully blends into his TV ad work as well as his meticulous work with actors. Daniel has worked with some of the top agencies in the world for brands such as Peugeot, Coca-cola, H20, Volkswagen, Sancor, Sprite, Walmart, Bagley and Vodafone, among others.

Federico García Reel


Federico García is a young director from Argentina working in commercials, short narrative films and documentaries, and has worked for South American, US and European markets with experience in directing talent in Spanish, English, Polish and Italian.  He began his career as an assistant director for some of the top commercial directors in his native Buenos Aires, and has been working as a director since 2006.  He was featured in the Cannes Film Festival’s Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s showcase in 2009 and has worked with such agencies as Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, La Comunidad, JWT, Conill Advertising, Global Hue and El Cielo, among others. His documentaries have aired on international TV networks, and his most recent short film “Where Are You Going?” is currently making the rounds at film festivals, having been screened in New York and Los Ángeles.

Joaquín Cambre Reel


Joaquin Cambre, 1977 Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Cambre starts his Director´s career in 2003 whit the short film Gambeteando la vida that earned him the Kodak-Meliés prize.

Since 2004 to the date he shoots more than 200 video clips and commercials for which he achieved several awards and nominations, Latin Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, Premios Gardel, among others.

A fifteen years career, his personal view at current trends, signature Art Direction and long experience dealing with stars makes Joaquin Cambre #1 Argentina´s music video Director and one most relevant in Latin America. His music videos have together more than 5 billon views, including +1 Billion Calma Remix (Pedro Capó & Farruko) and Propuesta Indecente (Romeo Santos) that becomes the most watched video in Argentina´s YouTube history in 2014.

His first feature film A trip to the moon was released during 2018. Since then the film has been shown in numerous festivals, Raindance Film Festival, Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Sao Paulo, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Festival de Cine Global Dominicano, Cleveland International Film Festival, Busan International Kid’s; and Youth Film Festival BIKY, Durban International Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!.

Awards: Best Opera Prima at Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Best Music at Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2017)

Currently combines his Director’s schedule with the development of his next feature film.

Reino Reel


​Founded in 2008, REINO is a boutique animation studio based in Buenos Aires specialized in 2D and 3D animation. As total image enthusiasts, its members have participated in several projects, including advertising, feature films, and television. Their greatest ambition relies on exploring new techniques to achieve incredibly attractive and alluring imagery for any given project.


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