BlackVan director SAVA is on!

“I am excited to contribute by enhancing the vision and the understanding of who we are as Hispanics: Salvador “SAVA” Alvarado of BlackVan Films”.

His name is Salvador Alvarado, but his friends and close family call him Sava.
He has always been attracted to geometry and art. This led to studying graphic design

and photography in Mexico, wanting to become an art director. But Cinema then won a place in his heart. A move to Los Angeles to study Film production quickly followed and his career started in music videos which in turn led to Advertising.
As a commercial Director, even though he started directing car brands like Nissan and Chevrolet, his professional life took a turn to football after directing The Mexico National Museum of football welcoming video. This allowed SAVA to work for Samsung and the main football players from Mexico ́s National team such as Rafa Márquez and players from Arsenal, Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers, to shooting the Oreedo’s Emiri Football Cup spot.
Other brands that he has worked with are: Tequila Herradura, Mastercard, Renault Bank, Thinkful, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Dominos Pizza, Palacio de Hierro, Nokia, Heineken, XX beer, etc. Sava is a multi-Award winning Director who now lives in Spain.

1. You grew up in Mexico, studied in Los Angeles and now you live in Spain. How is this multiculturalism is expressed in your view/identity and your work?
Mexico City is like a mathematical chaos, always on the verge of collapse, but always remains standing. This dynamic of life taught me to adapt to any change and look at the interesting side of any situation, and to develop a creative instinct; to face challenges from all its aspects, until finding the solution. Or improvising it!

In the US I met very creative people from all over the world and I realized that these attributes mentioned before made me stand out among the students of the film school, opening several doors with people from different cultures.
Now in Spain, the pace of life has allowed me to enjoy the aesthetic details of even the simplest things. Something that I now include in the way I look at things and that is mirrored in my projects on an aesthetic level. This background has shaped in me a multicultural understanding that is reflected in my identity as a director.

2. How was your transition from directing music videos to advertising?
Advertising was always on my mind as an ultimate goal, since I studied graphic design to become a creative director. But my first job was attending directors in the golden age of Cineconcept, while at home I devoured classic movies and MTV video clips. So I fell in love with that part of advertising and then I moved to LA where I studied film making, to focus 100% on this.
My initial reel was based on video clips and spec commercials for MTV; and with that base I started the path to advertising.

3. You mention that cinema was very special for you. Do you have a film or director that has influenced you or inspires you?
Depending on the moment I’m going through, there is always a movie that makes me vibrate. For me, the cinema has that magic. But if I have to choose, I would become an Ingmar Bergman / Terrence Malick hybrid. The first for its graphic narrative and being ahead of his time, and the second for his super organic aesthetic that fascinates me. They both greatly influence my style as a director.

4. What challenges and lessons left the pandemic in your career?
The pandemic for me was like the leftovers of what I had already been experiencing two years before. Moving to Spain made me rethink many things on a professional level. I completely left my comfort zone, I reinvented myself as a director, where now I am always looking for new ways to adapt budgets to creatives, to solve things with new technologies and tools from a more dynamic perspective. I re-learned to connect with new people and with a proposal; always keeping my mind open when solving the different projects that have been presented to me.

5. Now as part of BlackVan Films for the US Hispanic market, what are your expectations and what excites you?
The US is experiencing a great change, where the Hispanic market is no longer a minority; which has and generates a great force, where 2nd and 3rd generations are breaking with the old stereotypes. Personally, being able to be part of this shift and to contribute by enhancing the vision and understanding of who we are as Hispanics through my work is what motivates and excites me the most.
I have a long history with Pavel Cantú and being able to contribute with my experience as a director at BlackVan Films, gives me great satisfaction both personally and professionally.

6. Where is SAVA heading?
I go where I am allowed to contribute with my experience, ideas and creativity; I am passionate about meeting different cultures and people with interesting stories, in order to have more colors in the palette and offer new and refreshing things. I had to live that “no-one is a prophet in their own land” and in my adaptation I have managed to open doors in Europe, the US general market, and recently, I entered the British market, where I have received a lot of support.
Likewise, I am very excited and grateful to be able to fully access the Hispanic market with BlackVan Films.

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