Pavel Cantú’s feature film “Mírame” (Look at Me) has been wrapped and ready for international release.

Pavel Cantu’s harrowing, nerve-racking debut film centers on an orphan teen haunted by a mysterious and vengeful ghost.

Reeling from the sudden death of his father, Lalo (Axel Alpuche) is forced to start a new life after his distant grandmother (Leticia Huijara) takes custody of him and they move to her home in southern Mexico City.

As Lalo parses through his father’s old belongings, he finds his dad’s old wristwatch. When he puts it on, the clock begins to run backward, and an ominous entity in the shape of a young girl begins to haunt him. Lalo’s grandma sends him to his dad’s former high school, where he joins the swim team and befriends Rana (Regina Reynoso). Shortly after he arrives, he learns a girl from the school has recently gone missing. This leads him to reveal to Rana that he’s being tormented by a series of par
anormal encounters — and that he thinks they may be connected to the missing student. Lalo must confront this unholy threat before it’s too late.

Mírame is a mind-bending, fantastic thriller written and directed by Pavel Cantu. The majestic canals of Xochimilco, a mystical region with a vast history and a pervasive feeling of the supernatural, provides the perfect canvas for the unsettling tone the filmmaker imbues in this story. Cantu teamed up with legendary producers Abraham Cherem and Concepcion Taboada for this project. Beautifully shot by Serguei Saldivar AMC, and supported by IMCINE and EFICINE, Mírame is a deep look at death, grieving, and redemption, driven by Cantu’s own reflections on life and death – “Confronting the unknown may be terrifying, but you can’t live any other way.”

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